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With no less than three major players in the metal-infused non-stick pan marketplace, this company might seem a little late to the game. However, this company claims that their products are a significant improvement over everything else in the market. In our Gotham Steel Reviews, we're going to be taking a look at the manufacturers claims to see if they check out. We'll show you what these pans have to offer, and highlight some of the pitfalls that could make this a bad purchase. Should one of these pans have a home in your kitchen cupboard? Read on to find out.

Why Would you Choose Gotham Steel Cookware over Another Brand?

All of Gotham's competitors are selling copper pans - a ceramic base that's coated with a material infused with copper. The metal replaces a chemical known as PFTE. If PFTE doesn't ring any bells, don't worry. You probably know it by it's commercial name: Teflon. Metal infused pans are better than Teflon in many ways: they are more durable, food doesn't stick to it, and they can be used in the oven. Sure, there are plenty of small variations on the common recipe, but Gotham Steel has one of the most unique offerings available. Instead of copper, they infuse their non-stick coating with Titanium.

Gotham claims that their products are more durable than the copper alternatives. You can use metal utensils, and the pan will be more resistant to chips and scratches. They also claim that they'll last longer, and that they don't need to be seasoned like other brands recommend. In short - everything that copper does, titanium does better. To give you a better idea, let's compare Gotham's products against the most popular brand.

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper


Red Copper

Gotham Steel







Chemical Additives

PFOA & PFTE free


Heat Tolerance

500 Degrees (oven safe)

500 Degrees (oven safe)

We'll admit, there are a few small differences between these brands. But it's important to consider the fact that these products are VERY similar. If anything, Gotham is only going to offer a slight advantage over alternatives. The step from Teflon to Copper will definitely be a bigger step than Copper to Titanium. These metal-infused pans use a very different manufacturing process from the more commonplace alternatives, where as Gotham's design very closely resembles the other pans we've reviewed.  If you want to see it for yourself, read our complete review of the red copper pan. You'll see many of the same features, but a few small differences.

That being said, as long as their claims are accurate, there could be several usage scenarios where this Titanium coating could offer drastic improvements to the longevity and functionality of your cookware. In this review, we're going to put these products to the test to see how they really perform in the kitchen. But first, let's take a quick look and see the types of cookware available, as well as the current selling price.

Packaged Sets

20 Piece Set

20 piece set

This is the largest package Gotham offers - and it's enough to outfit a whole kitchen! Here's what you get:

Frying Pans: 8.5" and 10.5" (only the larger one has a lid)
Pots: 1.5, 2.5, and 5-Quart pots (all include lids)
Deep Pans: 9.5" deep, and a 9.5" shallow pan (with lids)
Baking: Cookie sheet, muffin tray, large baking pan, loaf pan, and a round pizza pan.

Finally, you also get a fry basket and a steam tray. Everything but the kitchen sink.

15 Piece Set

15 piece set

This is a slightly more modest package, but still enough to replace all of your cookware. You get three sauce pots, two round frying pans, two square frying pans (shallow and deep) and the steamer tray and fry basket inserts. We think that this package offers a little more bang for your buck, as you're only purchasing the products that Gotham is known for - no gimmicky extras.


10 Piece Set

10 piece set

Three pots, two pans, and you can shave off a third of the price, when compared to the last package. This one cuts out the square pans, which are more designed for larger meals. If you're only cooking for one or two, this package is a little more reasonable. Additionally, these are all standard sizes. You'll have no problem fitting them in your drawers, and you'll naturally be able to know which one to use. 


Individual Gotham Steel Pan Reviews

Round Pans

round pans

By far, the most popular individual product they sell. The round pans are simple, inexpensive, and versatile. They come in three different sizes: 9.5-Inches, 11-inches, and 12.5-inches. You can get all three of them in a set, or pick up the specific size you need. If you've never used one of these before, we highly recommend picking up a single one so you can see if you like it. If you want to check the price, we've linked you to a three pack - but remember that you can always get them individually.

Square Pans


The only real difference between these and the standard pans is the shape and depth. But this can make a really big difference. You can fit more food in something that's square. To be specific - about 20% more. These are better for burgers, grilled sandwiches, or any individually portioned food. They measure 9.5-Inches across, but hold twice as much food as a 12-Inch round one. A great choice for anyone who needs to save space.

Shallow Pans

shallow pans

By cutting down the height, you reduce the amount of food you can have. But you also make it easier to access. These particular options are usually chosen for grilling small amounts of solid food. Eggs, a steak, or some root veggies all work well. It's easier to maneuver your flipper, just be careful not to let any grease drip out onto your cook top.


This large, flat pan has almost no lip at all - but it gives you a ton of surface area. Griddles are usually used for omelettes, pancakes, or other foods that don't make much of a mess. One of the cheapest options, but definitely only useful for a few specific purposes. That being said, this is a great choice for camping, when you want something that's easy to clean up after.

XL Casserole Chefs Pan

Unlike most casserole dishes, this one is much more versatile. Measuring 11" across about about 6" deep, you can cook a meal for an entire family in here. It can be used in the oven, as you'd expect, but also on the grill or an induction cooktop. it comes with a steam tray and a fry basket, making it suitable for deep frying - if that's your kinda thing.

Pasta Pot

pasta pot

If you're a pasta lover, this is a unique pot with a specific set of features that might come in handy. the lid locks shut, and features two different strainers on either side. Just twist the lid, tilt it into the sink, and drain away. You can control how fast the water drains, and it won't make a huge mess if it boils over. The handles are beefed up quite a bit, so it's easy to grip even when it's freshly boiled.


Want More Copper Cookware?

Gotham Steel isn't the only brand out there. If you want to know more, check out our complete buyers guide to see what you other options are

What we Liked About Gotham Steel Pans

Our number one favorite thing about these is how well the non-stick coating worked. Food just doesn't burn on like it does with other materials. We were able to effectively cook without using any butter or oil, and the food still came out pretty good. Not anything like a cast iron pot, where you end up scraping charred-on leftovers off for several minutes. Now, this isn't foolproof. You do need to move the food around from time to time. Just giving it a gentle nudge with the spatula is enough to keep it loose. And if you do choose to use some kind of grease, then you really have nothing to worry about.

Gotham isn't the only company to provide this, though. Many of the copper pans perform just as well as these ones. So if you already have something else like the other pans we've reviewed, we wouldn't recommend throwing it out in favor of one of these. 

That being said, there is one area where gotham really excels: Price. Even though they perform just as well, these pans are significantly cheaper than any of the other products we've reviewed. Occasionally, just a single pan might go for ten or fifteen percent less than the competitors. But when you look at the package deals, you'll find that they are significantly cheaper - up to half the price.

For this reason, we'd highly recommend Gotham Steel pans if you need to buy a lot of cookware on a low budget. While it's true that you can find some off-brand Teflon pan for a little less than what these go for, a little extra investment really goes a long way to improving the functionality.  So, are they everything we hoped and dreamed? We're definately happy with them, but not all of the manufacturers claims check out. Let's look at that in more detail.


The problem with ANY non-stick pan is that they rely on a special coating to separate your food from the base material of the pan. If this coating is damaged, the pan won't work as advertised. A small scratch might not be a big deal at first, but over the days and months this scratch will start to chip away, until eventually the whole coating starts to flake off. This is a HUGE problem with Teflon, and special care needs to be taken to treat it properly. Red Copper claims that their pan is virtually indestructible. While it's better than Teflon, their claims just aren't very realistic.

We found the same thing is true of Gotham Steel. Their coating is NOT bullet proof. But it is a little tougher than the copper ones. Both companies say that you can use metal utensils with these pans, but we personally wouldn't recommend it. You'll get away with it for a long time, but once day you're going to end up scratching it. And when that happens, it's only a matter of time before the whole thing starts to fail.

In our eyes, this isn't really a big disadvantage. The only reason you'd ever need a bit metal spatula is to scrape your burger off a tough pan. With these, everything is slick and smooth. A copper flipper works perfectly. As long as you whisk your eggs before you throw them on the heat, you should have no problems.